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Building a Healthy Economy

The biggest threat to the American dream is Washington’s $17 trillion debt. We can preserve Social Security and Medicare for the next generation and still enact thoughtful reforms to our nation’s entitlement structure to reduce our national debt.

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Providing for the Common Defense

The simple, but powerful axiom, “Peace through strength,” has kept America the leader of the free world. I will continue to support a robust military and make sure our soldiers have the tools they need to do their jobs and come home safe.

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Healthcare that Works

Premiums are climbing, paychecks are falling, employers are cutting hours and thousands of Hoosier families are losing their insurance. Americans have a right to be frustrated with Obamacare because it’s not what we were promised. More delays will only prolong the pain.

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Efficient, Effective Government

Many families are struggling to make ends meet, but widespread fraud and abuse in welfare programs has caused needed dollars to miss those who need them the most. American taxpayers can’t afford to pay for inefficient government programs while they struggle to pay their own bills.

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Improving Education

It’s time to re-think our education system. Every student should have access to quality education, regardless of their economic circumstances or zip code. Having more school choices and encouraging parental involvement are proven ways to make sure students succeed.

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The Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution has been under attack for decades. As a member of the NRA with a lifetime A rating, I have defended our right to bear arms by co-authoring the present Lifetime Handgun Permit law in Indiana and supporting pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

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Defending the Unborn

I am strongly pro-life. I believe that any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, is facing a crisis and needs support, not judgment or condemnation. I believe life begins at conception and that it is worth defending.

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Strengthening Families

Our nation’s strength is grounded in the values Hoosiers lie out each day, but our rights to personal conviction and faith are under assault. As a husband,father, and legislator, I boldly bring our Hosier values to the center of the debates in Washington.

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We Need A Farmer

Proven Conservative Leadership

Meet Marlin

A fourth-generation farmer

Marlin Stutzman is a fourth-generation farmer who grew up on a farm in Howe, Indiana. Marlin ran for Congress to change business as usual, and since arriving he has created an unparalleled conservative record. Now a conservative candidate for U.S Senate, Marlin’s values of faith, family, and freedom haven’t changed and his record of action proves it.

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Latest Campaign Updates

April 29th, 2016

Hoosiers Against Common Core proudly endorses Marlin Stutzman for Senate!

Hoosiers still deciding between Marlin Stutzman and Todd Young will find a stark difference between their votes on important education legislation. Marlin Stutzman has a consistent record of standing with Hoosier parents and students and supporting policies that reduce federal control over education. Todd Young has chosen to stand with Republican leadership to help cement […]

April 29th, 2016

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement, announcing that the Super PAC associated with the nation’s largest Tea Party group has endorsed Marlin Stutzman for the GOP nomination for the open U.S. Senate […]

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