Why I'm Running

Stop the Democrats Extreme Liberal Agenda!



Restoring the Economy

Building a Healthy Economy

The biggest threat to the American dream is Washington’s $18 trillion debt. We can preserve Social Security and Medicare for the next generation and still enact thoughtful reforms to our nation’s entitlement structure to reduce our national debt. The real American Dream is about hard work and opportunity. We must fix our broken tax system to give American workers freedom to succeed. When government is held accountable and lives within its means, it unleashes the full potential of the American economy. It’s time for Washington to get out of the way and allow American workers to get back to work.


Cutting Wasteful Spending

Our national debt is now more than $18 trillion dollars and Obama continues to spend and spend. That is why earlier this year, I authored the conservative’s budget on the floor of the U.S. Congress. My budget balanced the budget in 6 years. It is a budget that keeps our nation secure, a budget that ensures solvency for Social Security and Medicare for future generations, a budget that actually simplifies our tax code down to two, fair and understandable tax brackets and a budget that repealed Obamacare. A lot of Republicans talk about balancing the budget, but when the opportunity comes to do it, they fall short. I will not say one thing on this campaign and do another in the Senate. When I say I will fight to balance the budget, you know I am not just talking the talk, but I have walked the walk.


Keeping America Secure

America is the greatest country on Earth, but our enemies never rest. We must do all that we can to keep America strong. That means never apologizing for the United States of America and the freedom for which we stand. That means we don’t capitulate to terrorists and their demands. That means we must stand up to ISIS and all extremists who threaten our freedom. And that means we must never allow a nuclear Iran.